New Divide is a forum-based role-playing game slightly based on the Superhuman Registration Act arc of Marvel Comics. It is up to you to choose your path between the registered Army of Americannia and the rebellion of the Crimson Vindicate!
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*sigh*This was a bad idea from the beginning. None of us admins are interested in the site anymore, and I already know its been unoffically closed for a while now. But just for the heck of it...THIS RPG IS CLOSEDI am eminently sad that it went down before it could ever begin, but Yaka and Kit are MIA, I'm too busy to give it any time and Kallen is... well, she's Kallen. :PSee ya 'round~

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 Lelouch Aitchison

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PostSubject: Lelouch Aitchison   Thu Oct 01, 2009 1:19 pm

Name: Lelouch Aitchison
Current Alias: Darkdevil

Aliases: The Crimson Vindicate, DD, Red, Demon of Americannia

Age: 17
DOB: [02/29/1992]

Gender: Male

Identity: Secret

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Affiliation: The Crimson Vindicate

Base of Operations: Unknown

Citizenship: Americannian

Occupation: Pizza Delivery Guy (when not leading the greatest rebellion on the Planet e.e)

Education: None. No need either, he has a mind that outclasses the greatest scientists to have ever lived.

Place of Birth: Birmingham, England, Great Britain


First off, the easy part about Lelouch is his relatively tall height of 5'10", his relatively defined weight of a mere 130 pounds, and his somewhat pale skin tone. He's definitely physically unfit, as he totally despises physical exercises. There are two areas on his body with scars however, and they both look almost similar. There's a small gash mark on his shoulder and a deeper one on his back, both mementos from his battles with the Nullpointer, and even though they've mostly healed, they still look relatively fresh. Dark, thick, silky and somewhat messy hair find itself covering the top of his head. It's short, but not completely, coming down just to his shirt collar.

Clothing wise, Lelouch isn't very particular about whatever the latest fads or trends are, only concerning himself on whatever feels comfortable to him. One of his favorite combinations is a pair of black dress pants and a white dress shirt underneath, covered by a black blazer with golden-yellow designs on it. When out adventuring as the Darkdevil, he has on his Darkdevil Armor (see below) and when delivering Pizzas, he has the Pizza Hut Delivery Man uniform on, complete with the annoying cap.


Lelouch is a trickster who uses wit and deceit to attain his goals, being a lesser physical combatant compared to most other Metahumans. To confuse his enemies, he acts drunk. He walks with a slightly drunken swagger and has slurred speech and flailing hand gestures. Even so, it appears that his actions are often preplanned.

Lelouch usually prefers the strategies of non-violent negotiations and turning his enemies against each other as his fighting skills are outclassed by other characters, despite the enhancements granted by his suit. He explains, "Why fight when you can negotiate? All one needs is the proper leverage."

He will tempt his enemies away from their murderous intentions, encouraging them to see the bigger picture. He often uses complex wordplay and vocabulary to confound his enemies. Even without any physical training whatsoever, Lelouch is a formidable opponent. He is highly intelligent, possessing a genius-level intellect, and is capable of devising and executing strategies with incredible speed and precision.

Lelouch is quick to deduce facts from simple clues. Lelouch is also able to perfectly predict the President of Americannia's actions in there second fight, having only fought him once before, simply through his study of the past battle. He is a brilliant, virtually unparelled, detective, strategist, scientist, tactician, and commander; and despite his drunk strature, he is widely regarded as one of the keenest analytical minds on the planet, if not the keenest.


Potentially Unlimited Intellect: Able to utilize 90% of his brain's potential capacity for information processing and sorting (with the average human being able to use only 8-10%, and top-notch scientists like Einstein and Newton using up to a mere 12%), Darkdevil's mind is virtually a computer built for strategy and problem-solving, one that works at optimal ability even when under stress and fatigue. Using his superior problem-solving skills, Darkdevil can work out a battle ahead of time for many possibilities and predict enemy movements and tactics after the battle has engaged by recalling and utilizing memorized mannerisms acquired through past experience on a moment's notice. He is also ingenious in devising solutions against superior aspects of opponents, can observe and exploit, and can calculate distance, speed, and time at lightning speeds; his sense of timing is superb, bordering on perfection.

Total Recall: Lelouch has the mind of a genius beyond all comprehension. By the time he was 14, he had already memorized the toughest and most knowledgable books on Biology, Physics, Advanced Chemistry and Technology. Using this ability alone, he has learned Forensic, Medical Sciences, Expanded Computer and Engineering Sciences, and Expanded Device Pool, use of personal powered armor and system, database creation on underworld crime bosses, other Metas; and improved material sciences for body armor and micro-machinery. He can also speak, read, interpret and code Binary, Hexadecimal and Octal. He can use this ability hack any computer on the planet.

Deciphering Information: He can create almost anything from spare parts and deduce the function of any device at a glance. This ability extends to organic organisms also, determining the position of nerve clusters under the skin of an Atlantean when he'd clearly never met one before. He can operate any and all kinds of machinery or equipment simply by making accurate calculations within a hundredth of a second.

Watch and Learn: This allows Lelouch to pick up on subtle details, enabling him to read lip movements or mimic something like pencil movements, then memorize them. He has memorized over 3000 different scents, including most poisons, so trying to poison him would fail since he can already recognize them by their smells. He has also memorized the voice frequencies of all the people he has ever met, allowing him to recognize people by their voice, even if they're in a disguise.

Mental Protection: Since his mind is so much more superior to probably all other beings in the New Divide Universe, Lelouch is immune to "cheap tricks" like hypnosis, pheromone seduction, and other mental attacks.


Darkdevil Armor:
Lelouch uses a custom suit of full-body armor of his own design, which increases his strength, agility, and durability to make it equivalent to 10 Men, making him able to go toe to toe with other Metahumans. By Lelouch's own admission the suit does most of the moving for him: his muscles suggest a motion, then the suit takes over and follows through. The suit has compartments built into the thighs, which Lelouch uses to conceal a variation on a sword, and two pistols. The suit is equiped with surveillance and targeting systems, which identify targets and threats for Lelouch, and even aim his pistols for him. Small rockets are built into the suit's waist and boots, which allow Lelouch to gain altitude on his jumps. The suit is also bulletproof.


Early Life

The Man Who Would Become Darkdevil, Lelouch Aitchison, was born in Birmingham, England. Since he the mere age of two, he started to exhibit his highly intellectual mind, being able to read and write almost everything in that age. When the US first attacked Britain he was only four years old, but his sharp mind was adept enough remember. Him and his family were evacuated from their homes and put in shelter as the British human army, allied with the British Metahumans, fought hopelessly against the American Forces.

Lelouch, ever the sneaky one, had snuck out to watch the battles. Whether that was a fortunate decision or an unfortunate one, he still cannot decide, as one of the Metahumans found the Shelter and destroyed it, his family dying alongwith.

Honorary Americannian

After the Conquest of Britain, the five-year-old was taken prisoner, later released due to his young age and signed up as an Honorary Americannian. He grew up, hiding his mind from world history, becoming a simple Pizza Guy who most people wouldn't even spare a second glance.

However, Lelouch put his mind to the test. Using broken and run down spare parts available from the Junkyard, the boy created the high-tech armored battlesuit by the name of "MK-1". He painted it crimson and black using spraypaints he had gotten from your regular Bookstores, and set to adventure in Neo York City as a new superhero by the time he was 15.


Enter, the Devil!

One of the people he had saved reported to the media that the person who had dropped out of the sky and rescued him was "like a demon, coming in and destroying its enemies with a single punch. Like a... dark devil."

Thus he was named the "Darkdevil" by the Americannian Government and Media, and asked to register himself or become Outlawed. Realizing that someone had to stand up and fight, Lelouch accepted the name, and founded the Crimson Vindicate of unregistered heroes against Americannia.

Loss, Retreat and Retirement

Since then, he has gotten into two fights with the President himself. At first, both of them underestimated one another. The Nullpointer thought of Darkdevil as one whose physical prowess was... well, practically none and could do nothing to stand up against him, while Darkdevil underestimated the Nullpointer in being "All brawn and no brain".

But both were proven to be wrong. The Nullpointer's powers turned out to be useless against Lelouch, as all of his combat abilities came from his suit, which the Nullpointer could do nothing about. While apparently, Nullpointer was not a Rhino, with all muscle and no mind, he was an Elephant, with unfathomable muscle and a fairly challenging mind to back it up.

Still, it appeared that Nullpointer managed to land a devastating blow to Darkdevil's armor during that fight, and so Lelouch was forced to flee and discard his armor before it self-destructed.

The Darkdevil was believed to be dead, and the original Crimson Vindicate was brutally murdered, having very few survivors who went into hiding. During this time, Lelouch officially discarded any thoughts about his leading a rebellion again, having lost all his friends thanks to a stupid decision.

He traveled the world, learning about different arts and ways of the human mind from the best teachers, religious scholars and philosophers. During this time, both the Union of China came into being and Atlantis resurfaced, and the agreement between the three nations, the Ocean Water Treaty was signed.

He met the Queen, Aya vi Atlantis in person. The empress was shocked that the boy could resist her pheromone when no other human male on the planet could, and started harboring romantic feelings towards Lelouch. The ex-Rebel returned the feelings, but the relationship never had time to flourish as Aya had to return to Atlantis.

He's Back!

Witnessing the Queen's absolute resolution and loyalty towards her nation and her people, and her drive to sacrifice anything for them, made Lelouch realize that he too had a responsibility to a nation - every nation under the tyranny of Americannia was his nation. He swore an oath to rid the world of the Americannian Dominion or die trying and never to let anything stop him from fulfilling this mission again. He completed his mental training trip and returned to Americannia.

It was not until a year later when the crimson-clad avenger returned, this time in a suit with even more upgraded technology, the Darkdevil MK-II, and a mind that had memorized Gladia's fighting styles and almost all the tricks up his sleeve.

Round Two

Thus, the second fight between the monster Nullpointer and the trickster Darkdevil began. This time, it appeared to be on even grounds, with Darkdevil possessing the prowess of Ten Men thanks to the MK-II and Nullpointer his monstrous powers. But due to an "emergency" that had arisen back at the White House, this time, the Nullpointer was forced to flee, but not before causing an explosion that almost took Darkdevil's life again, his armor being the only thing that kept him alive.


Both the Supernovas haven't met face to face since that day, both recruiting more members for their respective forces; in Darkdevil's case the restored Crimson Vindicate. Whatever the case may be, it appears that a future Civil War in Americannia has become inevitable, and other antagonists are waiting to exploit this to their own advantage.

Family: Unnamed parents (deceased)
Mortal Enemy: The Nullpointer (President Gladia)
Hates: The Government of Americannia
Rival(s): -
Acquaintances: -
Friends: Members of the Crimson Vindicate
Good Friends: -
Best Friend: -
Likes: Queen Aya vi Atlantis
Dating: -
Loves: -

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Lelouch Aitchison
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