New Divide is a forum-based role-playing game slightly based on the Superhuman Registration Act arc of Marvel Comics. It is up to you to choose your path between the registered Army of Americannia and the rebellion of the Crimson Vindicate!
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*sigh*This was a bad idea from the beginning. None of us admins are interested in the site anymore, and I already know its been unoffically closed for a while now. But just for the heck of it...THIS RPG IS CLOSEDI am eminently sad that it went down before it could ever begin, but Yaka and Kit are MIA, I'm too busy to give it any time and Kallen is... well, she's Kallen. :PSee ya 'round~

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 Maximillian Memorus Gladia

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President of Americannia
President of Americannia

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PostSubject: Maximillian Memorus Gladia   Thu Oct 01, 2009 2:10 pm

Name: Maximillian Memorus Gladia
Current Alias: Nullpointer

Aliases: Golem of the Void, Fatestealer, Legend of the Nexus, Charfury, Max.

Age: Unknown (Apears to be in his 40s)
DOB: Unknown

Gender: Male

Identity: Public

Alignment: Bad

Race: Human

Affiliation: Americannian government

Base of Operations: Americannia Base of Operations

Citizenship: Americannian

Occupation: President of Americannia

Education: Top-class studies from Americannia

Place of Birth: Ammericannia


Dark black hair, that has yellowish streaks, showing old age. The shape his face has been forced into, and his sheer glare, shows himself as a very proud and self-confident being. Overconfident, perhaps. His dark skin shows that he has been in the sunlight for too long. Despite his rather scary look, in public, his smile is very reassuring and calming, and, powerful.

He has a tough, bulky body, very durable, in contrast with usual frail bodies of rulers. His physique allows him to dish out heavy punches and kicks, and his constant training allows him impressive speed. The bulk of his body was muscle, not fat. His left eye was scarred by a previous incident, but he can still use both eyes freely. His height is also quite intimidating.

Usually, in formal occasions, he wears an uncomfortable black coat, over a white shirt, and black pants, topping it off with black shoes, looking increasingly like a butler with each item. But in most public occasions, he wears a red, unbuttoned coat, with the right sleeve tainted black. The inner shirt is a deeper hue of red, clashing neatly with black pants, and black shoes. All leather. When in disguise as a superhero, he simply wears an ominous-looking black mask over his head, with the same clothes.

Personality: Being entitled with the command of one of the most powerful nations of the world, Maximillian eventually grew power hungry, like all other powerful men in the past. But he was smarter, he learned from faults in the past. He kept his true desires hidden, even to his most trusted associates. He acts kind and friendly, and warm-hearted towards most people, metahumans and humans alike.

In any situation where he is threatened, he will either use his way with words to get out of the argument, or, if the two people were in a private zone, dispose of the annoying person then and then. Whenever alone, he usually lets loose his darker side. He feels attraction towards no one, caring only about himself and nothing else, though he keeps this as much of secret as possible. Though he didn't really care about anyone else, any promising metahuman that had a sense of justice must be eliminated. Just like in legends, the person you least expect may eventually be your demise.

He rarely feels emotionally moved, or touched; his soul was so corrupted his sentiment totally left him. In truth, he was a cold-hearted, greedy leader, under the mask of the kind-hearted emperor of Americannia. He plotted to use metahumans for his advantage, to get more land, power, and money.

He doesn't seek anything in life except his own power, and would trust no one with his intentions. But his mastery at acting nullifies everyone's suspicions, just like his metahuman power, which he abuses in this case. His innocence is unquestionable, due to his highly social and friendly atittude towards absolute strangers and all people alike.


Nullification: One of Maximillian's most feared powers, the reason why he calls himself "Nullpointer", is his ability to nullify one's body, cripple of of one's muscles, make him feel weaker than weak. Once he touches any person, once activating his power, the victim will slowly lose his pshysical powers, even if the powers are superhuman powers, and slowly shrink, die out, halving the victim's physical prowess for a full 5 minutes. In this state, all physical movements are 5 times as hard to perform; close-range combat being fatally harming. (Punching, kicking)

    Superhuman Strength: Even though he already had incredible strength without the metahuman trait, his strength is increased tenfold, each punch or kick delivered being ten times as strong as a normal one. This is dangerous due to Max's proficiency to fighting already. This also gives him the strength needed to pick up heavy objects, increasing his whole overall strength, tenfold.

    Enhanced Pyrokinesis: This trait lets Max create and manipulate fire from his bare palms; pyrokinesis. Combining this with his close-range combat is fatal. Using this, Max can stop forest fires, and even burning buildings, since he has the ability to siphon out fire as well. Also, contact with fire will not harm Max at all.

    Massive Lung Capacity: This trait allows Max to hold his breath for almost as long as he wants, varying from one day to even one week. His body can adapt to the lack of oxygen through special organs. This mean he could sleep underwater for 3 days and not care about it.

    Earth manipulation: This trait lets Max control the ground beneath him itself, shifting it into any shape he could think of, letting his imagination soar above anything. In fact, he can even create faults into the ground itself, making tremors whenever he feels like it. The precision with which he uses this power may even allow him to make statues and buildings, if he feels like it. he may also manipulate the earth to form a barrier around his skin, as a precautionary defense.

    Time-space warp: This incredible power allows Max to rip through the dimensions, through time and space, and teleport to any location he wishes. The effect, however, is not instantaneous. Once he rips a whole through space and time, he may travel through that fabric, into a realm of nothingness. Wherever he dicedes to stop in that realm of nothingness, he shall reappear right where that spot may be in the real world. The time taken to travel to that particular location, also passes by in real time, giving the victim plenty of time to move around, unfortunately.

    Pyrokinetic combustion: This power allows him to make explosive combustions out of mid-air, after shooting off fire anywhere. This is more of an upgrade to his pyrokinetic powers, allowing him to make the flames explode at his command. At the greatest extent, he can make spontaneous combustions strong enough to ground a 4 story building all at once.

History: The Legend of the Nexus... just like all metahumans, started off small.

Everyone read comic books about metahumans, saw movies, TV shows, so many fantasies about them. And yes, they did exist in the real world! Flying around everywhere, fighting crime with their superpowers, role-models of all the children out there...

But something wasn't quite right about Maximillian, nicknamed Max. Everyone had the chance to be saved by a metahuman once, and now it was his turn! Even though it was absolutely terrifying, and real danger, Max seemed to be completely happy, ignoring the fact that his parents were both locked in their room, surrounded by a gang of armed burglars. With a smile on his face, he waited for a hero to show up and save the day!

... And pretty soon, someone did come to save them. Seeing the little boy, Max, sitting on the couch, smiling, the hero ruffled on his head for a while, and then rushed off to save his parents.

... What he didn't realize, was that all his powers were being drained out in each second... right after he made it up to the door, the last thing he did was break down the locked door, and then... crippled...

Max heard screams up above, and laughed in delight, the hero was probably kicking the bad guy's butts right now!

Then he heard sounds of gunfire. Everything was still fine, heroes can block bullets with their cape or something... right?

Breaking glass...

... Why was it taking so long for a hero to beat robbers? Then he heard even louder screams, and muffled shouts, gunfire, and a loud thumping sound, the same sound his dad made when he fell down the bed last week...


For a few moments everything was silent... then a few more gunshots, and an outbreak of laughter. A weird, constant shuffling of feet issued from the room upstairs... was the hero even there?

This wasn't fun anymore! Pouting, the little boy sniffled, and lied down on the couch, eventually falling straight asleep. In the meantime, the burglars just left his house, looting everything that was worth anything.

... 15 years later...

Maximillian Memorus Gladia. Walking down the street, tugging his cramped foot along the street, a nobody. He had nowhere left to go. He spent most of his life in custody of his uncle and aunt, who gave him the best life imaginable. But that wasn't the reason he left home...

Ever since 15 years ago, Max took an oath, or more like a promise, since his vocabulary wasn't as great back then, that he would rule over all metahumans, and order them, make them save the world the way they were supposed to. Anyone who couldn't do that, faced his nullification... The pathetic souls who couldn't perform their job right.

Carrying on...

Nullpointer had become a popular name through the country. He had unlocked many more of his powers in this time, devastatingly powerful stregths, that allowed him to beat anyone at a fight. The only challenge he ever faced, though was from the Darkdevil, founder of the Crimson Vindicate.

Eventually, his power was accepted by everyone all over the world, and he took the position of the president of Americannia, finally carrying out his dream of all metahumans carrying out there needs as a hero...

The problem was, he became to power hungry, and became obsessed with his power...
And thus began the harsh life, cruel lives that everyone faced now...

First challenge

Then came the time when he came face to face with the young prodigy, Lelouch Aitchison, the "Darkdevil". Something about him, something strange... something that made even the president jealous. However, his physical, manly side was virtually non-existant. He had to wear armor, in battle.

But that was where the president reached a dead-end. His nullification nulled true physical power, but all of the Darkdevil's power was... directly from his suit!

Nevertheless, his own power was more than enough to destroy the Darkdevil's only source of power, his suit. He completely destroyed the exaistance of the young hero, his suit was self-destructed due to it's lack of resistance, and flaw in production. He destroyed every possible evidence that the Darkdevil was alive...

That was the end of his only obstacle, to fulfill his goals, Lelouch Aitchison...

He's back!

Once again, the supposedly "dead" Darkdevil attacked him, with a new, improved suit. What surprised him wasn't the fact that the Darkdevil wasn't dead, the thing that disturbed him was the new suit...

This time, they were completely evenly matched. Darkdevil somehow memorized all his moves, his powers were next-to-useless against the new armored suit. But then, news of rebellion arose in the White house, news of a group of heroes plotting to take him down.

This took away the Nullpointer's chance to kill the Darkdevil, and forced him to flee. However, he fled, keaving a massive explosion as a mark of his departure, hoping that the Darkdevil fell for good this time...


Ever since then, he hadn't seen the Darkdevil face to face, not once. However, he heard many rumors, many people talking about this new "Crimson Vindicate", a group of rebels, who went against his MMA. And... the founder of the group... was none other than the Darkdevil himself.

Both sides were recruiting members for their side, getting stronger by the day. Both sides attempting small, secret thefts to annoy the other, small attacks to harm the other even slightly.

Knowing this... a massive Civil War in Americannia was inevitable. The government versus the Crimson Vindicate, the war of the metahumans. And when that time came...

Who knows what side will prevail?


Mortal Enemy: Lelouch Atchison
Hates: Anyone with promising potential to be strong
Rival(s): None
Acquaintances: Dandan Xifeng
Friends: None
Good Friends: None
Best Friend: None
Likes: Classic american burgers, Novels
Dating: None
Loves: None

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Maximillian Memorus Gladia
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