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*sigh*This was a bad idea from the beginning. None of us admins are interested in the site anymore, and I already know its been unoffically closed for a while now. But just for the heck of it...THIS RPG IS CLOSEDI am eminently sad that it went down before it could ever begin, but Yaka and Kit are MIA, I'm too busy to give it any time and Kallen is... well, she's Kallen. :PSee ya 'round~

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 Dandan Xifeng

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Dandan Xifeng
Empress of the Union of China
Empress of the Union of China
Dandan Xifeng

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PostSubject: Dandan Xifeng   Thu Oct 01, 2009 5:35 pm

Name: Dandan Xifeng
Current Alias: None

Aliases: Demon of the Scorching Fire, Young Empress of Ruby, Swordsmaster of Flames,

Age: 19
DOB: 05/15/1990

Gender: Female

Identity: None

Alignment: Good

Race: Metahuman

Affiliation: Union of China

Base of Operations: Unknown

Citizenship: Chinese

Occupation: Empress of the Union of China

Education: Finished in a university, taking medicine. Taught by her own mother, the former empress, when che was still a child.

Place of Birth: Union of China


Personality: Dandan is a caring and cheerful girl who has a slightly erratic personality for an empress. She is usually carefree, not worrying about wars, or any other problems in the community if it is not too important in her sight. She always tries to solve conflicts without the use of violence or foul play. She also cannot lie unless extremely necessary. Almost every word she speaks is the truth. She also has a good sense of discipline and self-restraint, since she has samurai blood in her. Ever since her mother left after she was crowned as the empress, she has been searching everywhere in hopes to find her.


Blood Ruby: These ruby spheres that she carries around enhances her power once they are broken. After being broken, it could only be repaired through forging it once more with Dandan's blood mixed in it, hence the name. She usually carries three, since she does not rely on them that much. For every one sphere that is broken, her powers rise by half of her current power. She can only carry up to five.

Gemstone Katanas: The empress possesses two katanas made out of mixtures of gemstones and metals. This gives it a beautiful multi-coloured look but also helps her channel her powers due to the special gemstone, the Blood Ruby, that has been added to the mixture. It is also extremely sharp and durable despite its thin blade.


Fire Manipulation: Dandan had the unique ability to manipulate fire out of even small embers since she was a child. This fire can be used both offensively and defensively and she could shape it into various intricate forms. She can also channel her fire energy to her blade, making it burn brightly for added damage. She could also create hidden explosions out of flammable objects or decent heat sources. One thing is distinguishable, her eyes turn bright red when she uses her powers.

Gem Protection: Dandan can compress minerals in the ground to greate an extremely durable gemstone shield around her, but she can't completely surround herself since she cannot break it easily and she will sufforcate or get caught in a deadly attack if trapped.

Birth and Childhood
When Dandan was born, she had a defect that forced her parents to hide her before she can fully control her powers. Her arms just spontaneously started burning and some oil jars on the roof exploded. Her parents knew that she had a great gift that could either do good to the nation or lead to the destruction of all. After that incident, her power did not activate anymore. Her mother, the empress, took care of her and educated her. Her father, a retired samurai, was away after the day of her birth to go on a mission where he got specially requested by the leader in the kingdom's defense troops. He died after two years of leaving. The empress' advisor knew all about the incident with Dandan and her powers, and he concluded that she would be trouble. When she was eight, her powers awoke once again. Her whole body this time started burning and her eyes were bright red in colour. But she didn't feel any warmth at all from the fire. Her mother panicked upon her sight but she told her that she was fine. She did not know that there was a bystander watching. It was the advisor of the empress, and he smirked as he thought of a plot to get rid of Dandan.

The Plot
When Dandan reached the age of 18 and she finished medicine school in the university at an early age, the empress' advisor started spreading rumours around the kingdom that Dandan was a demon cursed with the power to blow up things and command fire from hell. The whole village started a riot and the castle was raided by its own villagers. Strangely, the empress was gone. No one ever heard of her since then. The mob of angry rioters searched all the place for Dandan and found her sitting peacefully in the gardens. The villagers have never seen her before and thought to themselves that she must not be a demon since she acted real innocent and looked like it too. The riot came to an end and the villagers hunted down and killed the empress' advisor.

Ascending to the Throne and Finding a New Power
After a year without leadership, Dandan was elected by the whole kingdom to become empress since she was the most qualified even though she was too young. While she was traveling around the kingdom, a hooded man in an alley went to her and gave her a scroll and a dozen rubies. He claimed to be a witness of her display of power and he said that she still had some powers locked in her. The man walked away quickly before Dandan even had time to talk. Once she went back to the castle, she opened the scroll and a strange red aura started surrounding her, murmuring incoherent words that she can somewhat understand. Her mind was filled with knowledge about forging, and manipulation of minerals. She passed out from the overload of information and her helpers tried to awaken her again. She woke up after two days, having the same rubies but with an erratic aura surrounding it beside her. There was a letter attached to it, saying: "When the right time comes, you will know how to use them...

Relationships: Single
Mother-Unknown(Assumed to still be alive)
Mortal Enemy: None
Hates: People who take things too seriously, People who have evil intentions
Rival(s): None
Acquaintances: -
Friends: -
Good Friends: -
Best Friend: -
Likes: Flowers, Gemstones, Traveling
Dating: -
Loves: Unknown

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Dandan Xifeng
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