New Divide is a forum-based role-playing game slightly based on the Superhuman Registration Act arc of Marvel Comics. It is up to you to choose your path between the registered Army of Americannia and the rebellion of the Crimson Vindicate!
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*sigh*This was a bad idea from the beginning. None of us admins are interested in the site anymore, and I already know its been unoffically closed for a while now. But just for the heck of it...THIS RPG IS CLOSEDI am eminently sad that it went down before it could ever begin, but Yaka and Kit are MIA, I'm too busy to give it any time and Kallen is... well, she's Kallen. :PSee ya 'round~

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 Race Creation Template

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PostSubject: Race Creation Template   Tue Oct 06, 2009 3:09 am

This is the template you will use to create your own Custom Races. Please keep in mind that you are not allowed to create a Custom Race until you have been an active member of this site for at least 1 month (full-time membership).

[b]Name:[/b] [The official name your race is known as]
[b]Aliases:[/b] [Any nicknames, or other names for your race?]

[b]Body Type:[/b] [Are they muscular, athletic, amorphous, dull, what?]
[b]Average Height:[/b] [How tall are they on average?]
[b]Average Weight:[/b] [How much they weigh on average?]
[b]Skin:[/b] [What is their skin colour?]
[b]Eyes:[/b] [What are their usual eye colors and types?]
[b]Hair:[/b] [Do they have hair? If so, what hairstyle and colour do they possess?]
[b]Nails:[/b] [Long, short, none at all?]
[b]Special Symbols on Body:[/b] [Other races may have some special symbols on their bodies, tracing back to their cultures or their religious beliefs. If your race has any, describe please.]

[b]Special Adaptations:[/b] [How is your Race adapted to its environment?]
[b]Unusual Features:[/b] [Any weird things about your race that make them stand out from normal people?]

[b]Habitat:[/b] [In what kind of areas is your race usually found?]
[b]Gravity:[/b] [What kind of Gravity are they used to? Note: This is to be represented by [i]x[/i] times Earth's gravity.]
[b]Atmosphere:[/b] [What kind of atmosphere do they usually thrive in?]
[b]Population:[/b] [How many of your race still exist? Are they nearly extinct, or are they in tens of thousands in numbers?]

[b]Type of Government:[/b] [What kind of Government does your Race follow?]
[b]Level of Technology:[/b] [How superior, or inferior, is your Race's level of technology to Earth's?]
[b]Cultural Traits:[/b] [Any special traits members of your race possess?]
[b]Representatives:[/b] [Are there any representatives of your race here on Earth? If so, who are they? Write down their names.]

[b]Origin:[/b] [How did your race came to be?]

[b]History:[/b] [Humans have a History dating back over millions of years. Other races probably do too. But since writing millions of years worth of History is, well, rather impossible, you are just to outline any major events that took place among the people of your race or the Planet/Area they live on/in.]

[b]Powers and Abilities:[/b] [Your race has powers? If so, put them here. Bear in mind that your race may have as many powers as you like, but when you start a character, you are still limited to only 3 powers. The rest can come as your character matures. So, even if your race has like, 10 different powers in this template, you can still use only 3 of them to begin your RPC. And no Godmod powers allowed. Try to be realistic, people. We do not house Supermen here. Your powers [i]are to have[/i] considerable weaknesses as well.]
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Race Creation Template
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