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*sigh*This was a bad idea from the beginning. None of us admins are interested in the site anymore, and I already know its been unoffically closed for a while now. But just for the heck of it...THIS RPG IS CLOSEDI am eminently sad that it went down before it could ever begin, but Yaka and Kit are MIA, I'm too busy to give it any time and Kallen is... well, she's Kallen. :PSee ya 'round~

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 Darkdevil Armor

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PostSubject: Darkdevil Armor   Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:20 am

Official Name: Darkdevil Armor

Aliases: MK-II


Model: 2

Version: 2.0

Lead Designer: Lelouch Aitchison

Origin: Created to compensate for Lelouch's lack of physical prowess, the suit grants him enhanced agility, reflexes, muscular coordination and neuromuscular enhancements, as well as giving him a built-in targeting system for his weapons.

Current Owners: Lelouch Aitchison
Previous Owners: None.


Fabricated with advanced protein-scale nanotechnology and exotic materials handling, LEP, skin display, impact sensing, armor integrated life-support and all-spectrum communications powered by a hybrid opto-electronic computer and using super conducting, high-performance plastic throughout, the Mark Two Darkdevil is truly Lelouch's greatest work and his most functional costume.

  • Multifunctional Layers: The Darkdevil Armor has a total of 17 layers throughout its workings, with each performing a different, separate and important function.

    1. Transpirable Teflon-Based Temperature Control: Controls the Internal Temperature of the Wearer.
    2. Moisture Pump: Occupant Cooling.
    3. Conductivity Control: Low Infrared Signature.
    4. Sensor Layer: Able to transmit data from kinisthetic analysis of occupant.
    5. Suit Tension Layer
    6. Super-Conducting Plastic Opto-Electrical Hybrid Computer 4.2 Teraflop Speed CPU: Multi-decision making sub-routine strategy prevents tech attack. Suit is semi-autonomous when unoccupied. Passcode activated lockdown.
    7. Repair Layer: Self-repair/limited mechanical repair. Also first aid with limited external first aid.
    8. Musculature Motility Layer: Follows occupant's motion. Lelouch has himself admitted that the suit does most of the moving for him. His body suggests a motion, then the suit takes over and follows through.
    9. Communications: All band tranceiving GPS/Microwave including ELF.
    10. Emission Control
    11. Power Management
    12. Impact Layer: This allowed him to physically be more resistant and durable to most injuries that would be fatal for a normal human. This ability refers to impact forces than anything else. He can fall a height of several stories, get shot at point-blank range and get hit by laser guns and remain more or less physically unharmed. Heat-resistant Kevlar micro-fiber stops small arms fire.
    13. Shear Detection: Enabled Darkdevil to see in the infrared and ultraviolet portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.
    14. Antenna: Fractal design allows for simultaneous wavelength propagation. Allows for "speed of thought" suit control. Also allowed Darkdevil to listen to police, fire and/or emergency broadcasts.
    15. Synthetic Aperture Camera Layer: Stores Cameras Optical to RADAR.
    16. Light Emitting Plastic Layer: Allows for apparent costume displays including faces, suits, camouflage, etc.
    17. Built-in Targeting and Threat Recognition System: The suit is equiped with surveillance and targeting systems, which identify targets and threats for Darkdevil, and even aim his pistols for him.

  • Discs that can be fired from the tops of the hands.
  • Electromagnetic pads in the soles of the boots for adhesion to certain surfaces.
  • Retractable claws which could be used to slice, clip, or facilitate climbing.
  • Explosives
  • Fire extinguisher bomb/capsules
  • Buzz saw incorporated into belt buckle.
  • Built-in tracer which he can use to find either the suit or himself should he get lost while inside it.
  • Digital Lock Decipher that can be used to unlock almost all kinds of digital locks by hacking into their mainframe and disabling them.
  • Frequency Scanner used to locate hot receivers, ex: bombs.
  • Retractable PIN or Password Decipherer in the form of a key on the right index finger.
  • Electrical discharges throughout the suit activated when there is a need to get rid of opponents crushing him using physical contact.
  • Scanner can be used to analze DNA samples and other evidence.
  • Flashbang Grenades
  • Drug Identifier, utilized by dipping fingers into the substance.
  • Sensors that work as a polygraph, used to detect pulse fluctuations to help in identifying liars.
  • Knockout gas pellets
  • Sensitive-touch microphone on index and middle fingers that permits eavesdropping through solid surfaces or at a distance. The recording can be played and downloaded into a chip.
  • Small rockets are built into the suit's waist and boots, which allow Lelouch to gain altitude on his jumps.
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Darkdevil Armor
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